New Camera!

We more or less celebrate ‘Family Day’ in this house on December 25, being as my husband and I are not devout Christians. But our families’ Christmas traditions that we grew up with are what we keep in our hearts and now teach our son, and exchanging presents is definitely among those traditions.

Big C and I usually only exchange one present to each other, and no stockings either. We keep it simple that way and it allows us to spend more time with family rather than opening presents. This year I gave him all of The Beatles records on vinyl and he gave me a new camera! A Nikon D5200 be precise! Oh boy were my hands shaking! I’m still very (very, very) new to this level of fanciness but absolutely adore taking pictures with it and learning new techniques.

Of course I proceeded to drive my family crazy taking pictures, and will continue to do so for the next few decades 😉

This post is late (and out of order I suppose, from my previous January 2015 post) but really, who cares? So, without further ado, here are a few pictures of our 2014 Christmas.






Happy Halloween!


Friday October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Temperature: 5*C (41*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 16 minutes (goal not reached. sad face)

I woke up super early, around 4am, and could. not. fall. back. to. sleep. Boo to that. So after scrolling through Instagram for a while I got up from my warm comfy bed and parked my butt on my warm comfy couch, popped in our DVD of Corpse Bride and proceeded to write for the next half hour.

After a short cat nap on the couch, I made some coffee and popped in our DVD of the The Craft and proceeded to play with Little C, who had woken up around 6:30am, and enjoyed the quiet morning.

I was out of sorts all day, maybe because I had gotten up so early, and had to really make an effort to focus on what I was doing at home. I had to write out everything I had planned to do, from ‘put runner and candles on table’ to ‘put costume on Little C’ and the like. This funk lasted until we were in the car driving to my parents’ and Big C’s grandparents’ houses to ‘trick r treat’ (which is really just a euphemism for ‘show the baby off’).

Our spooky sidewalk

Our spooky sidewalk

When we got home Big C showered and dressed in his costume before we went for a short walk to his aunt’s house to ‘trick r treat’ (again, euphemism). Then it was back to our house, as we could see down the street that one of our friends’ house was empty and in the other house they were just sitting down to eat supper (bay window, no curtain) and we didn’t want to bother them.

We got ourselves organized and started supper. My sister and her husband were coming over to visit so we prepared a simple supper of garlic mashed potatoes and oven-roasted ham. We eagerly awaited trick r treaters but hardly any stopped by all night. I’m not sure if it was the weather (very windy, which made it extra chilly) or if kids’ enthusiasm for Halloween is waning, or if some of them went to a different town or something else entirely but we only got like 10 kids the entire night.

Anyways, supper was on, Little C was full of energy, Big C and I were watching The Simpson’s Halloween episodes when my sister and bro-in-law arrived. Then it was time for visiting, drinks, playing with the baby, pictures and a late supper with a side of Hocus Pocus!

Before we knew it, it was midnight and our guests drove home, after which I fell asleep on the couch. It was such a fast-paced day but I really felt a little ashamed (a little, not a lot) because I could have made time to go outside but I didn’t.

I could blame it on outside forces, on the fact that I was in a funk, that it was too windy, we were too busy, etc. But the truth is that i just ignored my goal and didn’t make time for it.

Hopefully, lesson learned!

One of my favourite costumes

One of my favourite costumes, worn in 2011

Sunday Funday (Just Kidding. I’m Really Tired)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Temperature: 17*C (63*F)

Goal time spent outdoors: 15 minutes (goal reached)

View from my parents' deck. So peaceful!

View from my parents’ deck. So peaceful!

So today was post-wedding day and suffice to say… I’m exhausted. Yesterday morning Little C woke up at 3:45am so by then I was up and getting ready for the day since I couldn’t fall back to sleep. After cleaning up the hall once the celebration was over and driving 30 minutes we arrived home at 2:30am. I didn’t fall asleep right away, so it was about 3am when I drifted off to sleep ergo I’d been up for almost 24 hours

Today’s time spent outdoors was at my parents’ place after the gift opening. It was a lovely, sunny day full of friends and family playing, laughing and talking a mile a minute while watching my sister and bro-in-law open gifts and cards. After everyone had left I suggested spending some time outside on my parents’ side deck for some fresh air. It was lovely to just  quietly visit and enjoy the last bit of warm air before tackling this evening’s duties (which obviously included forcing myself to stay awake to watch The Walking Dead).

Wedding Day!!

Saturday, October 18 2014

Temperature: 9*C (45*F)

Goal amount of time spent outside: 14 minutes (goal reached)

My sister, the beautiful bride, with my happy son and I.

My sister, the beautiful bride, with my happy son and I.

Little C with his Aunt and Uncle!

Little C with his Aunt and Uncle!

Today was Wedding Day!! Right now I’m laying in my bed at 2:50am, and am SO ready to close my eyes and drift away. It has been a tiring day (Little C was up at 4am which means I’ve been up since 4am, which means I’ve been up for 23 hours, which means I would really really really like to get some sleep.) but it went by so extremely fast, as most wedding days do!

We spent a lot of time outdoors today while taking wedding pictures of families and the bridal party. Us bridesmaids wore long, one-shouldered sleeveless dresses and the strong prairie wind blew cold along our bare shoulders and arms. My sister gifted us with shawls which helped to act as a windbreaker in between shooting pictures, but brrr it seemed cold!

It was a WONDERFUL day and I’m SO happy for my sister and new brother-in-law. I was absolutely thrilled to be the maid of honour and I wish those two all the happiness in world!

Wednesday, what?


Newest addition to autumn decor. It goes well with the gray walls and wood accents, I think! I usually have two framed chalkboards on the shelf but my sister borrowed them for her wedding.

You know you’re a new mom when…you’re totally drawing a blank on what happened these last 4 days!

I swear, they should come up with a book titled ‘You know you’re a new mom when…’. I would so read that. Maybe I should write it? Would anyone read it? There are some pretty hilarious things that happen, but maybe it’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ things? This post was supposed to be Monday’s but somehow there just aren’t enough hours in the day and all of the sudden, it’s Wednesday.

After much concentration I can remember that on Sunday I drove 40 minutes to my sister’s place to help her get some wedding things checked off the to-do list. Centerpieces, wedding favours and table numbers, check! We did not quite finish the favours, so I drove back on Tuesday to help her finish them. My mom and future bro-in-law came to lend a pair of extra hands as well. Teamwork, FTW! Now that those are done, we can move forward to the next task. It’s really never-ending stuff, this ‘having a wedding’ business. As much as I think it’s lovely, and my own wedding was insanely awesome, a part of me still wishes Big C and I had just gotten married at City Hall and had supper with our immediate family rather than throw the big blow-out that we had. Without sounding too ‘wah wah wah’ I always feel like I’m torn between being a traditionalist and forging my own path.

But I digress!

My sister’s wedding is coming up fast! I have to get myself in gear for this busy month of October. A lot is happening! First up, we have a social to go to on the 11th and then on Sunday the 12th Big C and I are hosting a Thanksgiving Day dinner. I’ll be prepping for that (which I love!) and then on Monday we’ll probably head into the city for another Thanksgiving Day dinner at my mom-in-law’s house. Then the Thursday and Friday before the 18th is Wedding Day prep, prep, prep and rehearsal dinner. Then Saturday is Wedding Day! And then on Sunday my parents are hosting a gift opening. My mind is whirling just typing it all down!

Then we have an almost two week hiatus until the 31st. I can’t wait for Halloween (Samhain), it’s one of my favourite days of the year! I love decorating the house up in spooky decor, adding more autumn inspired things, and dressing in costume. Last year I was pregnant and too exhausted to find a costume (I was severely anemic and could barely get out of bed to go to work, let alone enjoy the holidays) but this year I am ON IT. I think we’ll be dressing up in matching costumes, which is always good for a laugh!

See you next time!

Autumn Equinox

Autumn is here!

Autumn is here!

In honour of the first official day of fall I had a mini celebration at home! Of course it didn’t go smoothly, what with a very active 6 month old and a very whiny beagle (not one but two people have asked me if she’s pregnant which I kindly respond ‘No, she’s just fat’ so she’s on a diet) and I had done no prep work the day before.There were a few disastrous moments like when the oven had been preheated for the bread but the chicken was still sitting in the oven in a plastic bag, which was now melted onto the skin, and the baby managed to bonk his head on the kitchen floor and get a bruise while I was attempting to wash dishes.

But in spite all, out came the chicken and in went the bread, down came the summer decor and up went the autumn.

I cooked carrots for Little C and did the dishes for what felt like hours. While the baby was sleeping I did a little Mabon ritual and feasted on chicken, potatoes and corn. I am so glad I did all this and the major lesson I learned (and that I hope sticks with me) is that prep work is SO important and vastly underrated when it comes to throwing even the mildest of feasts!

Happy Fall!


On Saturday I hosted a bachelorette party for my sister, who is getting married in October. She is the awesomest little sister and we are good friends with each other, so I had a pretty good idea for how to go about planning a day in her honour.

First up, brunch!



We all met at Cora which is a great spot that specializes in delicious breakfast fare. Open from 6am-3pm you won’t find Plain Jane meals on the menu. Everything is pretty unique and since the restaurant opened in Montreal, there is a French-Canadian twist. Delicious!

Next up, glo-bowling!

academy lanes

I reserved a lane for the 5 of us at Academy Lanes, one of the most well known bowling alleys in the city. The building itself is pretty interesting, it’s a converted theatre! We bowled for a few hours and then drove to the closest Marble Slab Creamery for a cold treat.

From there we went to check into our hotel room and fixed ourselves up for supper!

We ate at the Pony Corral on Pembina Highway, which was absolutely great. The restaurant is situated right by the river and there is a giant deck with tiki huts and patio sets with little gas rings in the middle of the table so you can enjoy a fire while you eat your meal! Unfortunately the weather was uncooperative so we had to eat inside, but it was no skin off our nose since the restaurant boasts a giant disco ball and a guitarist to enhance your dining experience!  Our waitress was amazing and the food was delicious as well as very filling. I always love going there!

Then it was time to go back to the hotel where we dressed ourselves up for a night of dancing! We rode in a limo to King’s Head where we stopped for a few drinks and visited around a big, round

king's head

From there we walked to Whiskey Dix to dance!

whiskey dix

All in all I think everybody had a good time, so that makes it a successful party!