A dash of Winnipeg

Monday November 10, 2014

Temperature: -10*C (14*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 18 minutes (goal not reached, double sad face)

Today I drove to Winnipeg with Little C, and picked my mom up along the way. First we browsed around Polo Park because I wanted to check out the new wing on the upper floor of the mall (which used to be a Zellers but is now a mix of mostly-new-to-us stores) that had been developed and OF COURSE they put The Disney Store right next to Anthropologie! Now Little C will probably (okay, always) get to visit his soon-to-be favourite store while I visit mine!

After our mall adventure we whipped around the city to be on time for my appointment to get my hearing aid checked out. My device has been acting up, draining battery power ridiculously fast so it’s either go broke getting it fixed or go broke buying hearing aid batteries.

After my appointment we went to a chain restaurant (Perkins) for lunch and then drove out of the city, since by then it was 3pm and I didn’t want to be too late arriving home. It’s not fair for Little C to have a late night just because I’d like to shop!

Once we arrived home it was dark out (as it will be now at 5pm), my husband wasn’t back from work yet and the last thing I wanted to do was stick the baby in the stroller again after he’d been cooped up all day. Because of all this I stayed home until Big C arrived, which happened to be later than usual (an unexpected truck showed up to load grain, which backed everything up).

I intended to go outside once Big C had showered and could watch the baby, when a knock on the door sent the baby and puppy into a tailspin. A friend had dropped by to give us a toque that her mom had knitted for the baby (which was super cute but unfortunately too small) and stayed for a short visit.

After she left I got distracted by social media (SO easy to do, amirite people?!) and then all of the sudden it was time for Little C to have his bath.

After Little C went to sleep I suddenly realized it was after 8pm and I wanted something to eat. I whipped up a simple salad and ate that, followed by leftover cake and watched our Monday night programs in the living room. I know it’s a terrible habit, watching tv while eating supper. But it was late! And Castle was on! Excuses, excuses.

After tv was over it was 11pm and I was ready for bed. I felt kind of ashamed, I knew I had totally put aside spending time outdoors in favour of lazy pleasures and easy ways out. I was too ‘busy’ which is a total crock of bull since I easily could have made time in the evening if I had forgone tv and food. It’s amazing how I can convince myself I’m too busy when in reality I’m just not very good at organizing my time.

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