Midnight Blue at Six O’clock

November 4, 2014

Temperature: 1*C (34*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 17 minutes (goal achieved)

Huzzah! Tonight there was no wind! Just a slight breeze, which is a lovely change from the gusts we’ve been experiencing lately. I sometimes cower inside my house and car to just avoid the cold winds. Is it just me? Am I that much of a lazy chicken?

My first venture outdoors today was foiled by the baby. I bundled him up in the stroller and put the plastic cover over everything but half way to the credit union I realized Little C wasn’t wearing mittens and the plastic cover wasn’t doing it’s job shielding the baby from the wind. The wind was lifting the cover up and throwing it around the stroller so I quickly whipped the stroller around in the direction toward home to find a different cover.

Once we were back in the garage I searched and searched for a specific cover we have that fits snugly over the bottom of the stroller but to no avail. The damned thing wasn’t to be found anywhere! I even called Big C at work to command him to tell me what he had done with it (which was desperately rude of me, I’m so lucky he loves me at my worst AND my best!) as I was feeling grouchy. I’d been up since 4am with the baby, and I hadn’t eaten or showered yet. Grouchy grouchy grouchy. Then the baby, who is usually quiet and is mostly just observant during his time in the stroller, started to whine and cry so I unbundled him out of the stroller and took him indoors. It turned out he was wet and hungry so I gave up my thoughts of outdoorsiness and focused on changing his diaper and feeding him food (we’re now trying rutabaga!) and decided to carve out time later to go outside.

When Big C came home for lunch, he came bearing a half and half pizza (at our wedding my sister told him in her speech ‘If she’s upset…FEED HER OR GIVE HER COFFEE’ and I think he took it to heart) and he found the blasted stroller cover, which was hiding in my bicycle basket in a cupboard. What a guy! Lunch was served, the baby went down for a nap and my mom came over for a visit and by 5pm I was in good spirits but needed to get out of the house for a bit.

I walked to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I decided to take the ‘long’ way home and went around the block instead of cutting through a side street. On my way home I met a puppy trotting along the empty street. It was a little unsettling to come across him (or her) in the dark (daylight savings means it’s almost dark by 5pm) but he (or she?) was very friendly.

After dropping off the groceries at home I went back outside and wandered down the avenue. It was not a quiet walk by any means, as I could hear the heavy traffic on the highway of commuters driving home, as well as people in town coming and going in vehicles.

Dark, it gets dark very early now. The sky turned midnight blue so streetlights (people….livin’ just to find emotion hidin’ somewhere in the niiiiiiiight. Sorry, the word ‘streetlight’ gets me singing that Journey song every. single. time.) and a very big moon shone to guide my way down the pavement.

I forgot my gloves but my hands were not too cold since the wind was not around to play Jack Frost with my fingers. I stuck my fists inside the sleeves of my mom’s jacket (I just realized that my mom’s coat could be described as the equivalent of a puffer coat or a quilted jacket.

I felt sort of like a peeping Tomathia a few times as I walked by a few houses that had lights on and no curtains drawn, so I could glimpse into their home for a fleeting second and see them cooking supper or chatting in their living room. I kept on walking but it made me softly smile at the thought of people bundled up in their warm homes and I was once again reminded at how lucky we are to live in such a peaceful village.

I send out warm and cozy thoughts to whoever is reading this post (and really, to all people) on this crisp autumn night!

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