November 3, 2014 Temperature: 4*C (39*F) Goal time to spend outdoors:17 minutes (goal achieved!) Just a quick shout out to my Daddy, today is his birthday! Happy Birthday Dad, you’re pretty awesome! Okay, so today was a grey day for me. It seems, with the exception of yesterday and the day before, that we’ve had nothing but grey skies and strong winds to mark our days and this is starting to depress me. Manitoba is usually very sunny, so that’s what I’m used to! Usually I don’t mind grey days. I find the enveloping clouds moody and tempestuous, a fitting description for my own attitude at times (hey, let’s be real, I can’t ALWAYS be sunny and cheerful), but lately I long for the sun to break out and happy rays to penetrate my skin. A brewing headache aided in my poor mood today. I spent the majority of my time trying to fight it off with movement, coffee, water and Tylenol which helped for the most part, but it still lingered around my forehead and ears. I could feel that my back was  ‘out’ and my muscles were inflamed and I tried to knead muscles but it was in vain since, of course, they were in hard to reach spots. Our world was just starting to turn dark when I turned onto the avenue by myself and the street lamps popped on to guide my way down the road. A west wind forced the air blowing in my face to become colder, it bit and nipped at my chin and eyes. I had the rare foresight to wear a toque and mittens (I generally overestimate my capacity to handle the weather bare-skinned) so this walk was actually pleasantly brisk rather than unpleasantly chilly. Although the sun was gone, it was light enough as I turned around to walk back home  to see where I was going but just dark enough to let my imagination move into spooky territory. Clowns popping out of trees and chasing me with a sharp knife was the top contender (thank you so much American Horror Story. I’ve never been scared of clowns before but you did a bang up job of taking care of that and although in my head I know that clowns are harmless I’ll never look at them the same way again). However, I like to think I’m realist enough to mentally stamp those thoughts into the ground and instead I focused on thinking about my evening plans with Little C. It wasn’t THAT cold outside but I had wanted to make an effort to be prepared for the chill because I’m usually not (prepared, that is). However my feet started to burn with heat from the thick socks and lined boots I wore and it felt at odds with my cold knees and thighs, clad only in thin leggings. I fear I’ll never get this ‘in-between’ weather down pat and am always under or over dressed in one place or another. I read all these ‘How-to’ guides for everything but I don’t think I’ll ever get it right when it comes to dressing for the weather!

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