Sunday November 2, 2014

Temperature:  4*C  (39*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 17 minutes (goal reached)

Sparkling moon. My iPhone just doesn't do it justice.

Sparkling moon. My iPhone just doesn’t do it justice.

After a busy day of driving, meetings, a quick trip to Portage la Prairie with my mom and sister (and, of course, the baby), and in between family togetherness I finally got the chance to spend time outside when we arrived back to my parents’ home just before supper and I took Peggy Sue for a walk around the yard. When I say ‘yard’ I don’t mean a small patch of grass – a la city – as my parents live on an acreage outside of a town. Their ‘yard’ is 4 acres big with lots of space, wood and grass. And tons of antique agriculture equipment (it’s our thing).

It was dusk when Peggy Sue and I wandered around the yard and the temperature with dipping by the minute, which our corner of the world (and probably most other places) tends to do once the sun goes down. I was wearing a thick red sweater that surprisingly keeps a lot of heat in, so I wasn’t too worried about the chill. It was mostly my hands that got cold because, once again, I had forgotten gloves.

My face. And Peggy's bum is behind my shoulder.

My face. And Peggy’s bum is behind my shoulder.

We stopped to talk to Big C, who had spent the day helping my dad cut wood for the coming winter. I think he said there’s enough wood to last until Christmas, which is awesome (they have an outdoor stove that helps heat the house and slashes the heating bill to minimum)! Still, here’s to hoping this year’s winter is not unreasonably cold like last year (-50*C with the wind chill was not unheard of).

As Peggy and I strolled around the yard, the crunch and rustle of leaves underneath our feet sounded almost musical, like a playful tribute to the fallen objects and a feeling of gratefulness welled up in me that I can still his this music (I am severely hard of hearing, even with 2 hearing aids).

As we strolled down the mossy path where just two weeks ago we posed for some of my sister’s wedding portraits, I was struck by the colour of the open, dark grey-blue sky and how the luminous moon, almost full and so very bright, was a stark contrast to the seemingly black trees with their branches reaching up and outward.

Dusk Beauty

Dusk Beauty

It was a beautiful, peaceful walk and I was once again struck, as I so often am here, by just how much I feel safe here, and how much I love coming ‘home’.

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