The Name of the Game

….Is Procrastination.

Temperature: -2*C (28*F)

Goal time to be outside: 16 minutes (goal achieved, but just barely)

Today was a beautiful and sunny day, albeit with a strong north wind and I, being the classic procrastinator I am, stayed inside the whole freaking day thinking ‘Oh, I’ll go outside LATER.’

The main reason I was inside all day was because I wanted to watch Halloween-eque movies. And I was feeling very lazy. There, I said it. Movies and Laziness. It sounds very silly when I say it out loud, but there it is. Can’t be mature all the time, right? It all seems even more silly because I ended up only watching the Halloween episode of BTVS’s season 4 and Casper. (I know what you’re thinking. ‘Casper? Really, Caleigh? Casper?’ Shut up. It’s awesome. Devon Sawa FTW!)

‘Later’ became the 10 seconds it took for me to walk to the garage from the front door instead of the baby’s room (he was sleeping) as I rushed to Brandon to pick up much needed groceries and late minute pumpkins to carve for Halloween.

‘Later’ became walking around the Superstore parking lot looking for pumpkins to buy but there were NONE to be found (were they all sold out?! Or destroyed by the cold weather? I never checked Wal-mart. Ugh, see!! This is what happens when you procrastinate).

‘Later’ was walking to the pet store for puppy chow and then to Subway for supper and then to Tim Hortons for coffee, and lingering around the parking lot like a creepy person on crack waiting for her dealer to show up (probably not really).

‘Later’ became going the long way around the house, from the garage to the kitchen instead of directly from the garage to the baby room carrying the groceries outside (We have an attached garage but when we first moved in there was no direct access to the house, you had to go back outside and walk to the kitchen, or front, door. Big C disliked that idea so much that he cut a door in the spare bedroom so we could have direct access to the garage from indoors, thus turning our tiny two-bedroom house into an even tinier one-bedroom house. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with Little C – four years later – that we renovated the basement to add two bedrooms and an extra bathroom. However, the baby room is located in the room that has the door to the garage and so we end up either tip-toeing through the room or just avoiding it altogether).

It’s amazing how creative a person can be when they’re rushed with a deadline. I must have looked like such a weirdo slowpoke going from one place to the other but, on the other hand, I highly doubt anyone was looking at me at all!

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