New Beginnings

November 1, 2014

Temperature: 3*C (37*F)

I made it over halfway to the grocery store (the joys of living in a small village means it is located only a few blocks away from my house) before I realized I forgot my wallet, so I walked back home to retrieve it and then made the trek again to the store. A very strong north wind whipped everything up around me, making the air chillier than it needed to be. I’m going to start recording the wind chill temperature because it gets seriously cold here in the prairies once the wind is involved.

With the earth tilting, spinning on it’s axis, the sun is no longer high in the sky in the afternoon but rather always in the corner of our eye to the south. After Halloween it seems like we all realize that soon it will be dark by 5pm, especially with tomorrow’s time change and so I choose to try to take advantage of all the sunny afternoons I have at home, before my maternity leave is over and I have to go back to work (that is a depressing thought).

Long shadow and the beginning of golden rays at 2:30pm

Long shadow and the beginning of golden rays at 2:30pm

Today I chose a slow stroll down the avenue, writing notes furiously while I walked and periodically looking up at my surroundings and not quite believing that it is November now. What the hell?! I hope it doesn’t snow for a while. As much as I like winter (and I really do) autumn always seems so fleeting so I hope it lingers around a bit longer.

My phone died in the midst of my furious typing, which is when I got thrown out of my trance, and I squinted in the rays of the blinding sun. I knew it had been at least 16 minutes so I turned around to go home. The cold wind whipped into my face and stung my eyes which made me squint even harder and my tongue and lips became parched, so I quickened my pace while leaning into the wind.

Once my house was in view I walked even faster, eager to clamber indoors and out of the strong rays of sunlight and whipping wind. Entering my warm house to the smell of my French Toast candle and the sound of silence as my husband and Peggy Sue relaxed on the couch was pure invitation to relax and enjoy this simple day of a new month.

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