Happy Halloween!


Friday October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Temperature: 5*C (41*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 16 minutes (goal not reached. sad face)

I woke up super early, around 4am, and could. not. fall. back. to. sleep. Boo to that. So after scrolling through Instagram for a while I got up from my warm comfy bed and parked my butt on my warm comfy couch, popped in our DVD of Corpse Bride and proceeded to write for the next half hour.

After a short cat nap on the couch, I made some coffee and popped in our DVD of the The Craft and proceeded to play with Little C, who had woken up around 6:30am, and enjoyed the quiet morning.

I was out of sorts all day, maybe because I had gotten up so early, and had to really make an effort to focus on what I was doing at home. I had to write out everything I had planned to do, from ‘put runner and candles on table’ to ‘put costume on Little C’ and the like. This funk lasted until we were in the car driving to my parents’ and Big C’s grandparents’ houses to ‘trick r treat’ (which is really just a euphemism for ‘show the baby off’).

Our spooky sidewalk

Our spooky sidewalk

When we got home Big C showered and dressed in his costume before we went for a short walk to his aunt’s house to ‘trick r treat’ (again, euphemism). Then it was back to our house, as we could see down the street that one of our friends’ house was empty and in the other house they were just sitting down to eat supper (bay window, no curtain) and we didn’t want to bother them.

We got ourselves organized and started supper. My sister and her husband were coming over to visit so we prepared a simple supper of garlic mashed potatoes and oven-roasted ham. We eagerly awaited trick r treaters but hardly any stopped by all night. I’m not sure if it was the weather (very windy, which made it extra chilly) or if kids’ enthusiasm for Halloween is waning, or if some of them went to a different town or something else entirely but we only got like 10 kids the entire night.

Anyways, supper was on, Little C was full of energy, Big C and I were watching The Simpson’s Halloween episodes when my sister and bro-in-law arrived. Then it was time for visiting, drinks, playing with the baby, pictures and a late supper with a side of Hocus Pocus!

Before we knew it, it was midnight and our guests drove home, after which I fell asleep on the couch. It was such a fast-paced day but I really felt a little ashamed (a little, not a lot) because I could have made time to go outside but I didn’t.

I could blame it on outside forces, on the fact that I was in a funk, that it was too windy, we were too busy, etc. But the truth is that i just ignored my goal and didn’t make time for it.

Hopefully, lesson learned!

One of my favourite costumes

One of my favourite costumes, worn in 2011

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