Tuesday October 28, 2014

Temperature: 2*C (34*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 16 minutes (goal achieved! But it was definitely sporadic)

Today was an unusual day for me. My mom, who is a nurse (small-town so no specialty but a little bit of everything), had experienced something particularly horrific a day ago, although I’m not sure what it was (hospital confidentiality). But what I did know is that she wanted to spend the day with Little C and I, to make happy memories and concentrate on the good things in life and that was something I was more than willing to comply with.

We made a trip to Brandon, where I drove our new car (new car!) through the city to a nearby town called Forrest so Mom could take care of a business errand, and then steered the car back to the city for a lunch break. After that we went to the mall and had a look around before piling back into the car and driving out of the city again to the two family farm sites in the area, as well as the cemetery where my grandparents’ bodies are resting.

I know, I know. Cemeteries on a blog? How macabre. I certainly don’t intend on sounding that way. However it is my belief that death, and remembering loved ones gone, are a part of living and shouldn’t be taken in a negative context.

Sometimes it’s good to come ‘home’, which may be a place that you don’t get to see much of anymore. My mom grew up on a farm outside of Brandon and the sites we saw today were part of her childhood, part of her memories. It’s always wonderful for me to see pieces of my family history, to be connected to something, but for Mom it is quite a yearning and wistful feeling to see how it all has changed over the 40+ years it’s been since she moved away.

Isn’t it amazing how a person can be away from ‘home’ for so long, whether it’s weeks, months or years and he/she says ‘I’m from_____’ even through that person hasn’t lived there in what seems like forever? I think it’s a testament to parents or guardians who create a strong bond with their children and created a good environment full of love and creativity during childhood years. I haven’t lived in my hometown for over 10 years but I still say that’s where I’m from. Perhaps if we move again to a place that my heart connects to I’ll call that my new ‘home’. But for now my answer still remains the same. Anyone else in the same boat? Or did you not leave your hometown at all? Or did you leave and never look back, and when asked where you’re from, answer the village/town/city you’ve adopted as your own? If so, why?

I just realized I never actually talked about my time outdoors! Too many things on my mind I guess. I didn’t really head outside until the afternoon, when we parked and walked to the restaurant and back, and to the mall and back from the respective parking lots. My mom and I spent about 5 minutes outside at the graveyard and we might have stayed longer if not for the cold wind that was blowing through the open prairie. We certainly were not dressed for the weather, me in a short trench coat and thin scarf and my mom in a hooded sweater.

At night, around 10:15pm, I went out for a short walk around the neighbourhood for about 10 minutes but no longer because, once again, I was not dressed for the weather. Having only thrown a big wool sweater over my thin pajama pants and t-shirt I was trying not to shiver in my boots. It was chilly and a little eerie, being all alone at night but overall it was totally fine and I was inside quick enough.

Note to self: Dress for the weather!

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