Wednesday October 29, 2014

Temperature: 2*C (36*F)

After looking at this I was even more in the Halloween mood than usual so once the baby was down for his nap I whipped up a latte, put a broccoli quiche in the oven and slipped the first (alphabetically speaking) Halloween-esque movie we have: Beetlejuice.

Tim Burton! Although it’s not about Halloween, it revolves around a haunted house and it’s inhabitants. It’s creepy, fun and Catherine O’Hara is awesome. It was a great way for me to kick start a few days of festivities 🙂

This afternoon Little C took yet another walk down the avenue and back with a tail end run to the post office. It was pretty chilly so I bundled the baby up with mittens and protected him from a cold East wind with the plastic cover that goes over the stroller.

Displaying photo.JPG

I don’t know how other people bundle their babies up, but this seems to do the trick.

Instead of gloves I tucked my hands inside the sleeves of my mom’s warm vintage jacket and scolded myself for not preparing myself for a proper outdoor walk. But eventually once I became accustomed to the temperature my hands were fine out in the air on their own.

It’s been unusually cloudy here these past few days. It even snowed a little yesterday morning! But while we were outside the sun was straining to shine through, and just as we were walking up our driveway the sun peeked through for the first time in a while and late this afternoon broke through the clouds to give us some much needed warmth.

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