Sunday October 26, 2014

Temperature: 9*C (48*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 16 minutes (goal reached)

So… I don’t know if I was lacking in something specific like a nutrient or two, or if the lack of sleep caught up with me, or lack of coffee or… I don’t know what. But sadly today’s walk was hardly what I would call enjoyable.

Big C and Peggy Sue came along with Little C and I for this stroll down the avenue and back so this should have been great as I love it when we are all together, but I was too busy concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other and trying to maintain the strength in my neck to hold my head upright (a little dramatic? Maybe. Still, it all felt true at the time).

Red cherries against a grey sky. Peggy Sue sashaying her way home.

Red cherries against a grey sky. Peggy Sue sashaying her way home.

It was very cloudy this early afternoon and with the bare trees reaching for the sky, punctured only by bright yellow towering poplars. Our little world looked stark, a little forlorn, and a little spooky. It matched my mood but, I have to admit, at the same time made me excited for Halloween/Samhain!

A little forlorn. A little spooky.

A little forlorn. A little spooky.

Halloween is a big thing here in Manitoba (probably in most places in North America). At least, it was when I was a kid, teenager and young adult and I have full intentions of continuing the tradition. Since I follow a nature-based religion it is extra meaningful for me being at the same time as Samhain.

So when we came home Big C had a lot of ‘house stuff’ he wanted to get done, so I ended up eating junk food out of sheer desperation to stay awake. Once he was done, and I had put the baby down for a nap, I laid on my comfy couch to relax and ended up falling asleep. Over an hour later I woke up refreshed and pleased to feel rested.

Success! All’s well that ends well.

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