Monday October 27, 2014

Temperature: 4*C (39*F)

Goal time to spend outside: 16 minutes (goal achieved)

Noticing the brights today instead of the darks.

Noticing the brights today instead of the darks.

Today is the start of a cold snap in this area. Gone are the balmy, sunny days of yore and enter the brisk, chilly air that brings hints of winter.

A strong west wind blew in my face the whole way to the end of the avenue. My hands were pretty cold and got rather stiff while gripping the stroller handle and I was berating myself for not wearing gloves, however I honestly didn’t think it was that cold outside. But I was doubly glad I had the protective cover over the stroller to help keep the baby warm.


This corner of the world is now pretty barren except for shocks of yellow scattered randomly around town. Happily though, I didn’t feel forlorn with the grey skies at all. The sharp air woke me up, made me move faster and brought some colour into my cheeks. I know a lot of people here don’t like this time of year and I admit I don’t appreciate the thought of snow before Halloween (those poor kids in snow suits over their Halloween costumes!) but I love bundling up and appreciate the brisk air before the snow comes and it gets REALLY cold.


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