Friday October 24, 2014

Temperature: 15*C (59*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 15 minutes (goal reached)

So today turned out to be a bit of a kerfluffle because instead of our car being delivered to us, Big C and I had to go to Brandon and pick up the car. Not to say that this was a hardship, just unexpected and we had to rearrange our whole day.

New Car! (woot woot!)

New Car! (woot woot!)

Luckily my mom was available to come over and look after Little C! My husband and I drove to the dealership to tie up loose ends and take our car home. Between spending time outside at the dealership parking lot, and walking to Shoppers Mall and back I spent a good 10 minutes outdoors. When we finally got home I chatted with my mom for a bit while she admired our new ride and then I helped Little C with his supper while Big C got dressed up in costume for his volunteer commitment at the local fun fair. This year he was Rowdy Roddy Piper which was quite fun to watch!

Big C's costume (via Surprisingly sexy.

Big C’s costume (image via Surprisingly sexy.

Not being able to fall asleep until almost 4am last night, and with Little C waking up pretty early this morning, I had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep so I was extra sleepy all day. However, so was Little C (YES! Fist pump.) so once he was asleep in his crib I went outside and walked up and down our street to admire our outside Halloween decorations that Big C had put up the day before. I spent a good 10 minutes out there, enjoying the cool night air and the sounds of village life. Cars gunning, music playing (our next door neighbour is a musician) and animals making animal sounds.

Once I came back inside I had every intention of watching a Halloween movie (I was thinking Casper – I know. I’m so cool…) but the glass of wine I’d drank with our take-out pizza had me so relaxed I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until Big C came home. I promptly fell back asleep until he woke me up to go to bed at 11:30. Which was great, until Little C woke up at 2am. Gahhh!

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