Me Day

Thursday October 23, 2014

Temperature: 18-14*C (63-57*F)

Goal time to spend outdoors: 15 minutes (I honestly don’t know if goal was achieved)

So today was a ‘me day’ and what I mean by that is that I drove to Winnipeg all by myself, with no baby in tow, for an afternoon and evening ALONE. I had an appointment to get the tubes changed in my hearing aid (after a while the tubes get really hard and eventually can snap into pieces- I know this by experience), and I wanted to do some running around (not literally – as a rule I don’t run anywhere – I power walk at best) the city (which is a rare occasion – usually I’m lugging around 3 heavy bags and a baby-filled car seat and hardly anything seems to get done). A real treat!

I think, but am not totally sure, it’s safe to say that if one were to combine all the minutes I spent walking from my car to a store and then back to my car, all those minutes would add up to 15. However because I didn’t time it (cuz, you know, I was ‘in the moment’) I have no clue how long I was outdoors for.

When I came home I thought ‘Oh, I’ll just spend time outside right now’ but then I got to talking with Big C about how his day went with the baby and how mine went in the city, and our plans for tomorrow and the weekend. Soon the outdoors did not look as great as the big comfy couch in my living room did. Laying down on said couch just seemed like the right thing to do. It’s amazing how driving a vehicle is a stressor that we don’t even realize is a stressor until we’ve arrived at the destination and are totally pooped.

I feel a bit pissy at the moment. It’s half past 3 in the morning and I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep but my mind is wired, racing through today’s events and how ‘exciting’ shopping alone is now (or, really, doing anything alone) and anticipating tomorrow’s big moment, which is that our new vehicle is being dropped off at our home! We are buying a 2015 Equinox to replace our Cruze. We love our car, it has great mileage and runs well, and was great for us as a couple. However it’s just not big enough for the two of us plus a baby and all of the baby’s STUFF (emphasis on the STUFF). And if we want another kid in the next few years (which we do) we were only delaying the inevitable.

Ahh, the price of starting a family…

But I digress!

All in all I had a marvelous day jumping from store to store, having supper by myself and meeting a dear friend for coffee before I hit the road for home. These days alone are rare now, which makes me appreciate them so much more. The fact that I was out and about on this sunny day more than makes up for the murkiness of how long I was actually outside.

One of my new purchases! I wanted a pillow with some gold in it to offset all the browns and creams of the couch.

One of my new purchases! I wanted a pillow with some gold in it to offset all the browns and creams of the couch.

P.S. The proud mama in me just has to announce to the world that Little C is cutting two teeth on his bottom gum! My little baby is growing up too fast. *Sniff sniff*

P.P.S. Does driving around with the car window down count as being outside? That should count 😉

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