A Twilight Stroll

Wednesday October 22, 2014

Temperature: 15*C (59*F)

Goal time to spend outside: 15 minutes (goal reached)

This morning there has been 3 shootings in Ottawa, at Parliament Hill. It was quite a blow to my mind and it disrupted my whole day (I kept walking around as if I was were covered in fog and checking the news periodically). I always consider Canada to be so safe, so internationally inconsequential. At least that’s what we’re always told we are, compared to the U.S. I actively don’t read the news (at least not very often) because all it showcases is negative behaviour and I just don’t need that in my house. Maybe I do bury my head in the sand, but I really didn’t think the state of our nation was in such disarray.

Shows what I know, eh?

Last Light

Last Light

Anyways, it was another breezy day and after Big C came home I took Peggy Sue out for another short walk. The days are growing noticeably shorter now and by 6:30pm it is twilight. We started out just as the sky was turning pink with the last rays of the sun but it was hard for me to appreciate nature’s beauty because I was so distracted. Although I did manage to look up from my phone for a few minutes to try and capture the beautiful line of pink and blue meeting together in the twilight sky.

Finally on our way back to the house a big gust of wind rustled all the trees in the neighbourhood and someone gunned their car so the motor practically shook the ground and I was reminded to PAY ATTENTION to what I was doing.

By the time we reached our block twilight had set and the earth was covered in The Shadow, not bright but not black. It seemed eerie and otherworldly and yet, strangely, very peaceful. Everything was quiet and I felt calm.

All of the sudden a small moving figure crossed our path, trotting toward our yard.

A cat!

Peggy Sue ran after it and I was dragged the rest of the way home.

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