Melancholy Bright

October 21, 2014

Temperature: 19*C (66*F)

Goal amount of time to spend outdoors: 15 minutes (goal reached)

Shining bright in the setting sun.

Shining bright in the setting sun.

I had fully intended to go for a walk with Little C this afternoon but the timing was off since he was having fun in his jolly jumper after lunch and then went for a nap around 3:30pm, so I couldn’t really leave the house (or at the very least, could not go past the backyard).

When Big C came home the baby was still napping, so I laced up my sneakers and took Peggy Sue with me for a walk down the avenue and back. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little annoyed at the wind this afternoon. Here on the prairies it’s usually not a ‘breeze’ but more like a ‘hold-onto-your-hat-you’d-better-not-be-wearing-a-skirt’ kind of wind. Dust storms are a real thing here.

Ok, although that’s all true here, I’m exaggerating the wind power this evening. It’s wasn’t that bad. I just get annoyed at superficial things like my hair being messed up and my clothes getting blown all over my body.

Dear little Peggy Sue

Dear little Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is really very cute when she sashays down the road and suddenly stops to sniff a leaf and then quickly bounds ahead of me, only to suddenly stop again. We were not very proactive at teaching her traffic manners so we’re constantly pulling on her lead to slow her down or to get her to start up again when she’s stopped. Stop start. Stop start.

We could hear kids hollering outside, playing whatever game it is kids play nowadays before their guardian hollers at them to get inside and wash up for supper. And, of course, Peggy had to stop and rub her entire body in some weird things she found on the ground (why do dogs DO that?!) and I get annoyed that she’ll be all dirty once she’s inside the house.

Then again, if it’s not Peggy, it’s me stopping to take pictures and trying to capture the last of autumn’s beauty. I wrote this a month or so ago:

‘My emerald world is fading to gold and rust.

What was once lush is turning brittle.

And yet, I am not sad.

Nature softens death’s sorrow with beauty.’

bare trees

The vividness of September and early October is gone. Once the dried leaves are swept up all that will be left is bare, brown trees and the world already feels a little lonely and barren.

A V of geese flew South against the wind as we turned the corner onto our street. I briefly wondered who else would see this flock and remembered that sometimes the world is pretty damn small.

This was a refreshing stroll and I enjoyed being with Peggy Sue (she usually goes to work with Big C during the day) but the bare trees left me feeling slightly melancholy. I’m sorry to see all the pretty colours leave us once more.

bare trees2

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