Happy Hump Day!

So in my last post I wrote that I felt like I was in some sort of a personal rut. I started paying more attention to what my habits were and came to the conclusion that I needed to work on keeping my body well-groomed in order to feel good about myself. Since then I’ve definitely noticed that I’m less snappish and in slightly better spirits, however the rut still remains.

I’ve been keeping a fairly detailed journal (like, down to the minute detail) of what I’ve been doing and thinking over the past week and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a whole host of things I need to work on, but rather than drag you on the boring journey that is my quest for leveling up, I’ll let you in on what is the major challenge for me.

While reading over what I had written during the last few days, it struck me that I often didn’t go outside. I spent the majority of my time indoors, or in the car, with Little C. I’m honestly not even sure what my reasoning for this is! Could it be the trappings of modern living? Laziness? Seeking comfort? All that and more? Whatever the reasoning is, I don’t like it. It’s making me grumpy and I’m setting out to change this.

In order to make a change, I’ve set a goal to work toward, which is spending at least 3 hours every day outside, weathering the great outdoors (notice I didn’t say enjoying? I don’t know if it will be ‘enjoyable’…)(oh indeed I used quotation marks). A while ago I mentioned that I implemented a system that went something like ‘read 5 blog articles and then get up and do something for 5 minutes’. That something can be anything from taking a shower to meditating, to going for a walk, to cleaning the house. Since then, I’ve increase the amount of time of ‘doing something’ by 1 minute every week. This week I’m at 14 minutes and today I’m going to add ‘Be Outside’ to the list.

Maybe nobody will read this or (quite possibly) I’m the runner up for World’s Best Couch Potato and spending hours outdoors every day is something most people do already, and everyone is like ‘Really Caleigh? Really? Spending time outdoors is normal, you lazy cow.’

Who knows?

But in my case it is a total novelty and one that I want to change so it’s a normal activity, so I hope you’ll follow me while I document this journey of experiencing, for better or worse, the great outdoors!

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