Reading Material

Man, Friday already?! These days just fly by. It’s hard to be mindful of everything in general when every activity just jumps around like crazy and each Friday melts into the next one. Tonight I’m planning on some popcorn, white wine and a movie (hopefully with my husband!) while Little C sleeps, and tomorrow and I’m heading to my parents’ place to help clean the house and get ready for the Wedding Gong Show. Happy trails!

This beautiful ballerina wedding inspiration is so ethereal!

This couple got married in a cave in Iceland. Breathtaking pictures!

I’m either on a romance ‘look’ kick, or a tulle kick, because here’s a day in the life of a ballet dancer.

Huh, look at that. A post about Brandon, Manitoba! It’s the city nearest to where we live and our go-to place for stuff we can’t find in the country. I honestly have never been to the places this guy has, preferring certain shops and downtown places but I can appreciate a tourist’s view!

An interview with a floral designer! Working with flowers must be amazing, you can be surrounded with so much variety!

See you next time!

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