Autumn Equinox

Autumn is here!

Autumn is here!

In honour of the first official day of fall I had a mini celebration at home! Of course it didn’t go smoothly, what with a very active 6 month old and a very whiny beagle (not one but two people have asked me if she’s pregnant which I kindly respond ‘No, she’s just fat’ so she’s on a diet) and I had done no prep work the day before.There were a few disastrous moments like when the oven had been preheated for the bread but the chicken was still sitting in the oven in a plastic bag, which was now melted onto the skin, and the baby managed to bonk his head on the kitchen floor and get a bruise while I was attempting to wash dishes.

But in spite all, out came the chicken and in went the bread, down came the summer decor and up went the autumn.

I cooked carrots for Little C and did the dishes for what felt like hours. While the baby was sleeping I did a little Mabon ritual and feasted on chicken, potatoes and corn. I am so glad I did all this and the major lesson I learned (and that I hope sticks with me) is that prep work is SO important and vastly underrated when it comes to throwing even the mildest of feasts!

Happy Fall!

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