Reading Material

Friday again, eh? Every day just shoots by. I sometimes imagine that I can actually feel the earth rotate around the sun and spin around on it’s axis, and every day we spin around a little bit faster.

The cutest painting party for kids.

I don’t have an address book to lose but I do carry around a paper day planner. Are an all-electronic user or do you still use paper goods?

Once again, Mimi Thorissen wins, this time with oysters. Her life, although surely hectic with all those kids, looks marvelous!

Are you a popcorn and wine gal when you watch movies, or are you inspired to whip up a meal that corresponds to the movie?

So much beautiful blue. It’s my favourite colour, and Alix at The Cherry Blossom Girl totally captures why.

I feel so unaware of myself at the moment so in an effort to concentrate on what’s happening around me and what’s on my mind at the moment, inspired by Katie’s Pencil Box, here are my 5 senses:

See: Our two cats lazing on opposite ends of our couch.//Hear: Peggy Sue barking at who-knows-what outside.//Smell:Coffee beans and vanilla cream.//Touch: Little C’s oh-so-smooth baby skin.//Taste: spaghetti squash with tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and ground beef.

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