Birds of a Feather

For the past year or so every once in a while I’ve been stumbling upon a random bird feather in the oddest places. Well, maybe not THAT odd, I mean, they don’t show up in my bath tub or anything like that. But when I walk out onto my front step? Feather. In my son’s room? Feather. In my jacket pocket? Feather. The most recent find has been by my sister as she set foot in my car she found a feather on the passenger seat.

I swear, it’s the weirdest thing.

I’m not sure if I should take it as a sign from the universe that something’s up, or if it’s all just one big coincidence. According to Symbolic Meanings by Avia, finding feathers could mean that there is a certain leveling up happening on your life path and also a ‘lighter outlook on life or a particular situation.’ On the other hand, birds are not rare around here so it could just mean that their feathers are just floating around and I happen to notice them more than others.

Now, I am definitely a spiritual person, my spirituality follows a nature-based religion and I don’t really talk about it to strangers since stuff like this is extremely personal and always subject to interrogation but I will say that when it comes to interpreting signs like this, I am a total amateur. I think, maybe, something like this is up to personal interpretation. There are so many ways this could go!

  1. I am a new parent, so obviously that’s one way a person could attain a higher path. Being a parent totally changes your outlook on life and if you’re not careful it (parenthood) can create a vortex that’s easy to fall into and lose yourself.
  2. Career-wise I am at a standstill. I left my career in the Winnipeg City Libraries 4 years ago and moved 2 hours away into a small town to be with my then-boyfriend (who is now my husband). I work in the world of finance as a clearing clerk but am currently on Maternity until February 2015. The thought of going back to the credit union is depressing, but I need the money.
  3. My creativity feels bottle-necked, and I can’t explain why. I have so many things I want to do, so many projects that are in my head that I want to take on, but forces are holding me back. Funds, time, organization, space. This all needs to be worked out before I can explode my feelings everywhere 😉

I guess we’ll see where this all takes me!

See you next time, xoxo


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