What a Weekend!

I’ve finally recovered from the weekend! We were away from home the entire time, and I was away from Little C for most of both days. This could be considered a successful experiment! No tears for this gal (I like to think I was rather stoic), and I did get some sleep. We’re so lucky (for the most part) to live in this age of technology since it allows us to stay in communication with others so easily! If my husband had a question, he just had to text me. I tried not to check up on him, since I do trust him to be a good dad, and I’m generally not a worrywart about things I can’t control.

But anyways, on Saturday I hosted my sister’s bachelorette party! I’ll do a full post on this tomorrow, since there was SO MUCH that we packed into one day. I gave each of the bridesmaids and my sister a little goodie bag to thank them for just being awesome! None of us live in Winnipeg, we all made a great effort to clear a date and give my sister a day/night to remember!

bachelorette gift

My sister’s favourite colour is purple, so I ran with that theme.

  1. Purple nail polish
  2. Purple sunglasses
  3. Purple-based socks
  4. Purple-coloured sparkling wine

I found #s 1-3 in Ardene during a trip to Brandon, and I picked up the bottles of sparkling wine during my trip to Killarney at their local LC.



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