Taking Pictures

I love photography. I suppose there are few people in the world who don’t appreciate the value of a well crafted picture. I remember taking photography courses when I was a kid, back before digital cameras were ever a thing. I remember the basics, you know, composition, light, framing, etc. The technological aspects sort of get lost on me (it’s a math thing) but I still maintain a sort of ‘darkroom’ mentality when it comes to editing pictures and I still love film even though it’s deemed uncool or passe.

When a person finds a subject he or she falls in love with, be it water, people, fields, mountains, animals, whatever, and they work hard to capture the connection that their soul feels in that moment, it’s a really beautiful sort of magic. And it’s one that I want to take part in again, not just for personal development but to capture my life through my eyes for my son. Having him and a week later getting a blood clot in my thigh shoved my mortality in my face and almost 6 months later I’m still reeling from the shock of it all. I guess I’m still looking for a creative outlet to express these emotions that I can’t say out loud.

My frustration at the moment is a lack of a quality instrument. I had a Kodak point and shoot that I was quite fond of, but was also quite tough with. I tended to throw it in my purse, which gravity would sink to the bottom, and the entire thing got scratch so badly it was quite sad-looking.  I’m not one to treasure material things, even eventually destroying $200+ purses and dresses in the name of a good time and cameras are no exception. If I were to get a new camera, I have my eye on a Nikon D5100 but I’ve got to be mindful of it! I have my phone for those instantaneous moments (and I really should get on instagram for good editing options) but it still doesn’t have the resolution or the ability to capture the light in the way that I really want to.

If I am going to get this faaaaabulous new camera, I need some hacks to stay mindful about the fancy equipment!


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