Reading Material

When the heat wave rises against us, and when the temperatures dip dramatically, I often remember the movie ‘Cool Runnings‘. The first time I saw this movie was in elementary school, and although for the life of me I can’t remember why our teacher let us watch this in class, I’m grateful she did! A stand out moment in the movie for me is when the character Sanka Coffie (I know, right!) declares that he must delve into his reading material… which happened to be comic books/magazines.

So, for the love of all kinds of reading materials, here are some links to enjoy!

A Glitter Guide to smart home shopping

The dreamiest of dreamy family vacation

If you’re ever in Washington State, here’s a fabulous little getaway

You can’t really ever go wrong with an emerald green skirt

Just one more thing our family needs to add to the East Coast Bucket List

Real life rural French fairytale at it’s best

Navy blue and fuchsia is one of my favourites

The Awesomest summer party inspiration. And they’re Canadian to boot!

A fabulous list of books to read

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