How quickly time passes

In the beginning of this summer, I had a wonderful ideal of how I would spend the coming months with Little C (you can read about it here). In my imagination my baby and I would frolic through strawberry fields, picnic in parks, swim at the beaches and stare lovingly into each others’ eyes and chuckle knowingly that we have the perfect mother/son relationship. Tra-la-la.

I failed to bring the perfect summer to my baby and me for a variety of reasons. My body is so sore, all the time, I rarely eat healthy so my energy is down, and bringing a baby anywhere requires a litany of  materials that you must keep on hand to care for said baby. Although we have had many outings together (I’m not one to stay cooped up at home for a long period of time) it usually is an exhausting trip with several hours of driving time since we live in the middle of nowhere (or, to spin a positive light on country living, the edge of everywhere).

My husband and I took our baby camping this past weekend to Spruce Woods provincial park with his extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Spruce woods is only 20 minutes away from our home, and is a personal favourite of ours. Unfortunately, due to the floods this summer, the beach is inaccessible this year, which rendered me a little lost on where to go for convenient beach time. However, the upper levels of the campground are still open, and Big C and I enjoyed our time with his family visiting, eating, and playing golf (the regular AND mini kind).

As I drove home with Little C napping in the back of the car, I could see the leaves starting to change colour. There is still heat in the air and summer in our hearts, but the leaves are no longer that lush green that shouts ‘summer!’ to the world. They are turning olive, and in some cases, faded yellow and soon the air will turn crisp.

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